At APG we offer a broad range of investigative services for both personal and business customers.  All our solutions are tailored to client's specific requirements. For further information see below, or get in touch.


At APG we specialise in Surveillance operations. Our core team of highly experienced operators are available 24/7 for immediate deployment for a myriad of surveillance tasks.


Our largest area of operation, Surveillance is what we do best. From single operators to full-scale deployments utiling foot, mobile and static operations supported by high-tech equipment.

Cheating Partners

Whether you're in a new relationship or have been married for many years, we each invest a lot in our relationships whether it's time, money or energy. Faith is a powerful thing, but nothing can equal the peace of mind that comes from knowing as a matter of fact that your partner has the integrity you hope.

Often clients contact us worried that they're paranoid, but by simply hiring our services, we can deliver peace of mind. In other cases, you may have reason to suspect your partner is having an affair; our experts can gather the evidence you require.

Each case is unique and we will offer you the best solution to suit your needs and budget.

ASB Solutions &
Profesional witness


We have a dedicated team of professional witnesses and a range of covert CCTV and noise monitoring systems available


Our professional witness service is now being heavily utilised by the Police and Local councils in support of ASB enforcement. APG have teams of highly trained and experienced Professional Witnesses based Nationwide which are able to deploy at short notice and our service guarantee is 48 hour submittal of all reports, intelligence and evidence gathered.

Online Investigations


We offer a wide range of online based investigations, known as OSTIN: Open Source Intelligence.  These include, but not limited to: Background checks, Person trace, Director reports, Reputional Due Diligence, IP & Trademark in use.


A notable success was the successful investigation into copyright infringement via couterfeit goods on a European scale for which our client was able to seek significant redress.



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Employee Investigations

Tough economic times push people to extremes in order to improve their finances. We've seen a large increase in fraudulent sickness leave by employees who then go and obtain employment from another company, effectively doubling their income whilst the initial employer suffers financial loss. By utilising our surveillance teams, we can gather the evidence to justify their leave or catch them defrauding your company.

Fraud & Insurance


Our highly experienced investigators have dealt with a vast range of cases from personal injury through to international bank fraud.

Our notable successess include a successfull investigation which lead to the prosecution of a person found guilty of defrauding a bank of almost £1m.